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Olympus Infinity 35mm 2.8

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  • Vintage Case (Case is more navy colored than it appears in the product shots)
  • New Battery




The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, winding and rewinding, and field of view are working.
Although the accuracy is unknown, the shutter speed shift and the operation of the exposure meter have been confirmed.



Little Abrasion can be seen but in beautiful condition.



A little bit of dust can be seen.



Fine dust contamination and little haze are seen.
The view is generally clear.


Overall Condition: A-


This is one of the last Olympus point-and-shoots to offer Zuiko quality in a point-and-shoot and was reportedly a model enjoyed by Andy Warhol. It is fully functional and ready to produce another lifetime of fantastic photos.

This camera is fully-automated and features a super sharp Olympus Zuiko 35mm F/2.8 lens. The relatively fast aperture for a point-and-shoot camera makes it excellent for low-light shooting.

It has automated film advance and film rewind, an integrated automatic flash, and a retractable lens cover.