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Kodak VR35 K12 35mm

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Tax included.



The operation has been confirmed.
The shutter, winding and rewinding, and field of view are working. New Battery is included.


Little Abrasion can be seen but in beautiful condition.



A little bit of dust can be seen.



Fine dust contamination. 


Overall Condition: A-


Kodak's VR35-Series was a line of 35mm point-and-shoot cameras, introduced in 1986, marking Kodak's return to making 35mm cameras after a 17 year gap. The range continued until 1993. They had varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from the basic fixed focus models, with one aperture, no built-in flash and manual wind, to models with motor drive, programmed auto exposure and autofocus. Manufacturing sites included Japan, Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan.


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